A metonymy reference to Hindi movies is bollywood. It’s one of the largest film production centers in the world, which is situated in the heart of India, Mumbai.
The name Bollywood has been taken from the Hollywood film industry, but has its roots in India. It has a colloquial-dialect of Hindi-Urdu but recently, it has incorporated the traces of Hinglish (Hindi + English).

Hindi movies rule with a net box office collection of 43% and serves us with about 364 movies annually.

Theme Of The Industry

What Hindi movies are well known for is their masala genre. Masala is a term used in India for the mix of spices used in food. Masala movies are a mix of emotions. They very well portray action, romance as well as comedy, drama or melodrama in a single movie.

But apart from this, the Hindi movies have set its foot in all genres. The classic movies like “mother India” set the stage for dacoit movies. Movies with sociopolitical awareness have also been in trend in the new Bollywood industry.

Musical Effect Of Bollywood

Bollywood music contributes about 80% of the income of the Indian music-industry. It is a predominant contributor in Indian pop-music and forms its base from both the classical as well as modern music form.

Musical effect of Hindi movies can be seen in northern India. This includes places like marketplaces and shops, on bus as well as train journeys and on numerous other situations.

The filmi music forms the main part of the music industry. Ghazal, Qawwali, and even disco music are the other music areas that are very well covered in the Hindi movies.

Characters That Inspired Us

From time immemorial, Hindi movies have been a source an inspiration. The cultural and social values depicted in the movies have propelled values among the audience. There have been several characters that have motivated us from time to time.

The contribution of male actors can be seen from time to time. Whether it is the legendry Amitabh Bachchan in movies like Pink, or it be the fresh blood of Akshay Kumar in Toilet. They have inspired us by their positive appearance from time to time.

The contributions of female actors in the industry have also been an inspiring agent. Let’s have a look at one of the recent roles played by the veteran actress Sri Devi in her movie English Winglish. The character of Sri Devi in the movie was an inspiration to all. With a clear message that age is no bar to achieve your goals. If one has a set goal, then all other obstacles can be overcome with ease.

Bollywood and Hollywood

There is no doubt that Hollywood forms the biggest film industry in the world. Indeed, it has been a source of inspiration for all. Hollywood and Bollywood are very much in comparison these days. The Hindi movie industry has been growing at a much faster pace. However, comparing it with Hollywood is of no worth.

Bollywood’s fame and viewing audience have been impressive enough over time. So much to make its own place in the industry. Hollywood has a much higher export value than Hindi movies. However, we can see that Bollywood sold 3.6 million tickets the previous year. This is in comparison to the 2.6 million sell of Hollywood.


In recent times, it is evident that Bollywood has become the second most renowned name after Hollywood. The story line of Hindi movies as well as their music and the actors that form the industry have contributed a lot in the growth of the industry.